Above and Beyond is a project of CCID that seeks to foster cooperation and exchange of good practices in the field of human rights education between Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Cameroon. Through the project activities, the partners seek to improve the quality of youth work in the respective countries by incorporating or improving the dimension and use of human rights education by youth workers. The project objectives are achieved through the activities and outputs below:

  • Open Educational Resources
    To this end, the project partners have developed a website which is an open educational platform with a variety of tools and activities as well as supportive material in the realm of human rights education that can be used by youth workers in the respective countries. The platform is available in all the languages of the consortium as well as in English. http://www.human-rights-education.com
  • Transnational Mobility
    A transnational non-formal learning mobility between the partner organizations, with representatives from the partner organizations, to learn about the objectives and methods of human rights education. This will take place in Limassol, Cyprus from the 17-24th June, 2017.
  • Roundtable with stakeholders
    A round-table discussion took place in each country with policy makers, representatives of the formal and non-formal educational sectors as well as youth groups and organizations, to discuss the significance of human rights education in both formal and non-formal educational settings and advocating for steps and measures to be taken along a variety of levels, for purposes of promoting and facilitating the recognition and adoption of human rights education by groups, organizations and institutions.
  • Awareness Raising Sessions
    Each partner will also conduct a series of awareness-raising seminars in their countries for purposes of empowering young people to know and uphold their rights through the method of human rights education.