• P O Box 1505 Molyko, Buea. South west Region Cameroon
  • (+237) 674 432 435 / 670 044 614
  • info@comuceid.org

Our Vision

CCID recognizes that there is need to build resilient communities in Africa capable of:

• Advancing the rights and empowerment of women and girls

• Empowering individuals and groups to become community change agents

• Promoting Health,Education and Human rights for all people

We recognize that these rights are essential to social, environmental and economic growth of communities and for justice for all indigenous people.

  • All women and girls can exercise their rights and make informed decisions about sexuality, relationships, pregnancies, child bearing and marriage, free from coercion, violence and discrimination


  • Communities work together with numerous stakeholders to push community driven development. They are aware of their rights and work to empower each other while pushing development.


  • Young people have access to educational opportunities as well as access to youth friendly reproductive right services


  • Young people have access to information, resources to assume leadership with focus on social planning and policy change aiming at social action and system change