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Young People

Young People

Place young people at the forefront of change and community development through capacity building, networking and improved programming:

  • Livelihood programs


  • Promotion of Human Rights


  • Young People as agent of Peace and Security

The rationale behind the concept of popular involvement from the lowest levels is to foster development by improving access to basic social services, and by empowering the people to be involved in determining the way they are governed i.e. in decision making; identifying their own problems; setting priorities; planning their implementation and monitoring; ensuring better utilization of resources both human and financial; and ensuring value for money through sensitization, participation, transparency and accountability. However there is inadequate engagement of the women and youth populace especially young girls in public affairs due to lack of civic education. Limited participation of youth in the government planning and budgeting processes as well as monitoring of projects has inhibited governments from planning and budgeting for youth specific issues that would otherwise address their practical and strategic needs.

Our approach is to build on our past experiences in mobilizing communities and building their civic competence in participating and influencing decision making and promoting accountability mechanisms of public institutions, increasing access to justice for women and youth and engaging in legislation, leadership reforms and policy advocacy at different levels.