Our Vision

To be among the leading organizations contributing to change towards more equal societies in Cameroon, where women, girls and marginalized persons fully access and enjoy their human rights

We are launching something amazing

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Strategic Focus 1

Increased awareness and actions towards gender justice

Strategic Focus 2

GBV victims and survivors seek and receive psychosocial, physical health, and legal support

Strategic Focus 3

Empowerment of women and girls with regard to sexual and reproductive health rights – SRHR

Strategic Focus 4

More women engage in economic activities individually and in groups

3.0. Core Values of CCID    

These are fundamental beliefs, upheld at all times to facilitate delivery of goals, and promote effectiveness, growth and sustainability of programs. In pursuing set goals and objectives, CCID board officials and staff shall be governed by the following values;

  1. Orientation to action, service and results: focus on doing, meeting expectations and documenting evidence
  2. Equality: recognize the significance of availing opportunities and resources equally, to promote a culture of fairness, justice and empowerment
  3. Equity: recognize the significance of need-based interventions thatpromote equal outcomes for all
  4. Inclusion: practice and promote principles of participation, and lead society towards respect and appreciation of diversity
  5. Compassion: approach issues from the point of view of genuine respect, sensitivity, understanding, patience and empathy
  6. Integrity: embrace honesty, sense of duty, and ethical principles in all activities
  7. Transparency: build trust through sharing information freely within the organization and with stakeholders
  8. Accountability: promote ownership of objectives, goals, decisions and results, and honor commitments to stakeholders
  9. Collaboration: foster teamwork, cooperate and contribute to sector initiatives, and invite partnerships
  10. Continuous learning: promote continuous acquisition of knowledge, skills and capabilities at the organization and community levels