Campaign Vision

The Valuing Voices Campaign is aimed at amplifying the voices of Adolescent Girls and Young Women to tell their stories through whatever creative medium they choose. This could be spoken words, pictures, music, video, arts, etc.

The campaign will focus on four major issues that affect Adolescent Girls and Young Women:

  1. Early child marriage (from 11th to 28th February 2021)
  2. Teenage pregnancy (from 11th to 31st March 2021)
  3. Sexual harassment (from 11th to 30th April 2021)
  4. The stigma of menstrual hygiene (from 11th to 31st May 2021)


Our objective is to ensure that awareness is raised on the issues faced by Adolescent Girls and Young Women in our communities.

By this campaign, we are trying to attract the attention of Government agencies to reinforce the importance of listening to Adolescent Girls and Young Women.

Finally, we will display the creative ideas of Adolescent Girls and Young Women.


  • Adolescent Girls and Young Women aged 15 to 30.
  • Who have experienced or been in contact with the issue either personally or through a relative, work, volunteering, etc.
  • Who are doing incredible work in the community for instance, working with local organizations.
  • Men and boys are allowed to feature in your visual art.

To participate in this campaign should send an email to [email protected] for the terms of reference.

Send your testimony to [email protected] for it to be reviewed by the CCID. Selected pieces of art will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages to amplify your voice and help raise awareness on the issue.


Content guideline

You can choose to express yourself in any format that suits you. It includes:

  • Writing of one page in any format (ex: letter, poem, essay, tale)
  • Set of drawings, paintings or photos highlighting your story
  • Music or song from 1 – 3 minutes in length telling your story
  • Video recording from 1 – 3 minutes in length
    • Videos of poor quality may result in your entry not being considered for the campaign.
    • Avoid background noise when recording videos for the campaign.

You can express yourself on:

  • Why the issue concerns you
  • What are the causes of the topics?
  • The effect of the issue on you, your family and your community
  • What do you think could help end the problem?
  • What you are doing or did you to help stop the issue
  • If the issue is a good or bad thing according to you, and why
  • Any noteworthy/remarkable story that you lived or heard regarding the issue


Be creative, be yourself, be an agent of change!