Youth PartnershipYouth Partnership seeks to inspire young people to be key actors in the development of their countries and in shaping the future of their communities. Youth Partnership seeks to inspire young people to realize their potential in the development of communities, to speak up and be heard. The partnership is made up of :

Youth PartnershipCommunity Centre for Integrated Development aims to advance the rights of communities, women, girls and young people in Cameroon while strengthening community leaders and community based organizations to respond to the needs of indigenous people.


Youth PartnershipGirls Excel is a social impact organisation empowering girls and young women in rural communities in Cameroon through access to Sexual and Reproductive Health education, skills development and Mentoring program.


Youth PartnershipVIAC seeks to empower communities’ especially young people with the knowledge and rights regarding sexuality and reproductive health so as to enhance their health rewarding behaviours as well as safety


iBuild Africa is a youth-led equal-gendered movement that strives to unite African young pYouth Partnershipotentials to take action on the continent’s challenges. iBuild is leveraging the power of the internet and social media to build a network of young African leaders making informed decisions to challenge the stereotypes, break the cycle of violence, and contribute to the development of their communities.

Youth PartnershipYALDA PAIDWA evokes a network of inspired, empowered and proactive young African leaders with the aim to foster communication and productive collaboration between African students, youth and leading professionals, with an interest in Africa from all over the continent and abroad. Build critical leadership skills, and raise awareness among young people of the critical role they have in the development of the African continent.Youth Partnership

AYEF is a youth led organisation aimed at encouraging constant human Rights education, good governance and democratic principles and well as promoting vocational training skills and entrepreneurship among young people. We aim at valorising the potentials of young people to pick up meaning skills that will secure and create more jobs for the youths, so that they can meet up with the demands of the ever challenging job market.