Community Centre for Integrated Development (CCID) is pleased to announce the 2021 edition of the Cameroon Human Rights Fellowship. The fellowship is open to young Cameroonian workers and community leaders who are interested in the research, promotion, and protection of human rights.

The Organisation

Community Centre for Integrated Development is a group of community development experts who believe that the sustainability of the world depends on how well the potentials of communities are harnessed.

CCID’s mission is to promote the rights of communities, women, girls, and young people in Cameroon to respond to the needs of indigenous people while reinforcing and sustaining community leaders and community-based organizations.

The Fellowship

Cameroon Human Rights Fellowship is a program created by CCID to promote access, awareness, good practice, and enjoyment of human rights through research and the implementation of unique projects designed by the fellows.
The main objectives of the Cameroon Human Rights Fellowship are:

  • To teach and research on the interrelation of human rights, gender, peace, and
  • To provide human rights opportunities for students and advocates;
  • To create platforms for experience-sharing on peace and conflict studies and human rights with mentors, experts, and practitioners in an accessible way;
  • To design and implement people-focused community initiatives to promote access, awareness, and enjoyment of human rights.

Fellows are asked to contribute to the research in the field of human rights; in particular, for the 2021 edition fellows are requested to conduct research on workers’ rights in the informal sector and the abuses these workers are subjected to.

During the fellowship, participants will be in contact with accomplished experts in human
rights laws and advocacy. These mentors are to guide the fellows especially on community projects designed and programmed by the participants. Under the mentorship of the experts,

fellows will also design and implement grassroots advocacy campaigns on behalf of the
indigenous people; with the promotion of civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights as a foundation.

The fellowship will last 9 months from March to December 2021 and will be held with in-person meetings at CCID offices. During the fellowship program, fellows will spend 3–6 months researching, writing, and building capacity to address different human rights issues. The second aspect of the project is a face-to-face mentoring experience with experts.

The training will be held in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon.

Eligibility criteria

We are looking for young stakeholders and community leaders. Fellows are expected to
implement the skills they learned and influence human rights in their local community
submission of applications.

Therefore, applicants must be:

  • between 20 and 35 years old
  • enrolled or already graduated from a university program
  • 2+ years of professional experience
  • in a leadership position or in a position allowing them to implement human rights
    projects in their local community
  • interested in working in the human rights field and/or promoting human rights through their work
  •  Motivated and ready to commit during the whole period of the CHRF


Applications are to be submitted by the 28th of February, 2021. We advise you to allow
enough time to complete and submit your full application since only applications completed and submitted before the deadline will be considered.

Want to get theoretical and practical experience in a human rights
organization? Make sure to apply on this link before the deadline.

For the English application, click here
Pour l’application française, appuyer ici


We expect to conduct interviews and complete the entire process by mid-March. Only
shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Please, contact [email protected] for any inquiries.