The work we do at CCID is rooted in the fundamental truth that people everywhere are entitled to enjoy their full range of human rights. We, therefore, take a human rights approach in our programs, projects, and initiatives by outlining how to best protect and promote the fundamental rights of the communities we work with. Whether we are focusing on issues relating to gender equality, economic development, health rights, political rights, or youth rights, we draw on the principles of international human rights instruments, protections in the law, and the needs of individuals across Cameroon to effectively communicate the importance of securing rights for everyone. We raise awareness about human rights by promoting educational human rights initiatives centered around issue areas such as gender-based violence, poverty, community development, reproductive health rights, and more. 

We are especially aware of the power and energy that youth bring as advocates for human rights. This is why we developed the Cameroon Human Rights Fellowship, a program that engages young activists in the informed, responsive, and sustained promotion of human rights through a continuous program of research and education. This program is guided by the rationale that the protection and promotion of human rights are not limited to a single topic, sector, or government agency; rather, these are actions that require informed, sustained, and inclusive action by a diverse array of stakeholders with a particular focus on young people.