judeI am Jude Thaddeus Njikem, Executive Director of Community Centre for Integrated Development (CCID).  Welcome to our website and it is our hope that you will understand what we as an organization stand for and what we do and aim to achieve in our communities. The following pages which we have tried to make as insightful as possible will give you an understanding of who we are and what we do.

Before going further, let me thank the members of our board, members of this organization and to all support volunteers and consultants whom we have worked with in developing this organization.  We thought hard and wide and it is your contributions, perspectives and criticism that has led us to where we are with the Community Centre for Integrated Development (CCID).  We wanted to create an organization where we can use our individual and community experience to empower young people especially girls, women and the wider community to lead change and empowerment. So we set out to form Community Centre for Integrated Development.

Community Center for Integrated Development (CCID) is an organization formed of community development experts recognizing that for the world to become sustainable, the potential of communities must be harnessed. We work in the community cognizant of the fact that majority of indigenous people live below the poverty line in communities around Cameroon.

We work with communities to bring diverse groups together and leverage their abilities, interests, and resources in order to engender shared value and benefits. We align ourselves with the objectives of funders—corporate, government, or multilateral—with the self-expressed needs of intended beneficiaries. We work persistently from the outset of interventions to connect with stakeholders in Cameroonian communities to get a reliable picture of the dynamics, challenges, and opportunities. We ensure local ownership of initiatives by working with communities to drive program design and implementation.

For more information please visit: https://www.facebook.com/comuceid/   or   https://youtu.be/Qtp7Nky3UuM

We are focusing on women and young people because they are paramount asset in Cameroon but yet remain untapped.

Welcome to our website and feel free to leave a comment or email us to know more about us and how you can work with us towards this realization. In a voluntary organization like ours, our very existence depends on our volunteers, and the members who continue to join force with us, we will welcome your efforts and hope it propels us and placed us on the map of women and youth development.

I want to express my earnest gratitude and appreciation to my entire team especially to those who joined us in the course of the year and welcome those yet to join us.