Etumboh has an LLM with a speciality in international trade and investment law from the University of Dschang and also possess a BSc in Women’s Studies and Law (Double Major). Currently, he is undertaking studies in the Nigerian Law School which will enable him to practice as a barrister and solicitor in Nigeria and Cameroon. Etumboh has worked for various organizations such as the World Food Program in the Capacity of a field agent, Reachout in the Capacity of community animator to help sensitize the local people about their electoral rights, Rural Development Agents as their gender adviser, and a field agent who was instrumental in the production of the communal development plan for Kombo Abedimo council. He has previously served as Programs Director at Community Centre for Integrated Development until early this year when he was appointed by the board of directors as Co-Executive Director.
Etumboh is a very passionate person with an unquenchable desire for success and perfection. Etumboh has always been passionate about women’s issues, Human Rights, and community issues. Etumboh loves reading academic publications, he loves listening to news and Music, also he likes sports especially football and lawn tennis, and finally, he adores engaging frequently in intellectual discussions concerning global issues. He is humored by everything that defiles reason, logic or sounds foolish